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u r o p e
n in E
si o c e s
Ten & A l li a n
to1 9 0
U p…read more

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n , Fran
ce & R
ussia…read more

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As a t
stron ading nat
g i
depe navy to p on, Britain
nded rotec need
keep o t
ing it n its over its wealth ed a
Britai s s
n, bei trading ro eas empir that
ion as ng an islan utes open e and
in com its na d, felt .
Becau parison t vy was th safe from
o e
did n se of this B other Gre greatest
ot nee ritain at Pow
state d
and s any help decided ers.
policy o cho from that it
Thou known as e to be iso another
gh it
as a g felt th `splendid lated. A
r i
of the rowing po eatened b solation'.
20 th c wer a y Ger
entur t the b many
y. e ginni
ng…read more

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gettin e was eag
1871 th g reveng er to find
humi ey were e on Germ any way
of Fraliating pe forced to any whe of
millio nkfurt, m ace settle sign a n in
Alsac n francs t aking the ment, Tre
them e & Lorra o the Ger m pay 20 aty
trying. Since theine was a mans and 0
Great to make n they halso given
build Powers. alliances d been to
They ing up its France w with othe
and w too had a industry as also r
ambi ere threa large oveand army
tions. tened rseas .
(see G b e
erma y the Kaismpire
ny) ers…read more

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Powe a was the
and thrs but the largest o
indus ere was people wf the Gre
they s try. The Rlittle mod ere poorat
Slav p hould ha ussians b ern
Serbs eople, w ve influen elieved
again , so they hich inclu ce over
was a st Austria supporte ded the the
count great riv -Hungar d them
Balka ries in th al betweey. There
their ns. They e area kn n the two
gaini influence also want own as th
the Mng access in the ho ed to exte e
Hung editerran to the ric pes of nd
ary). ean. ( h trad
see A e in
-…read more

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Germ Allian
any, A
ustria c
Italy…read more

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