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AQA Science A (Core) June 2014 Specification
B1.1 Keeping healthy
B1.1.1Diet and exercise
B1.1.2How our bodies defends themselves against infecti
B1.2 Nerves and hormones
B1.2.1The nervous system
B1.2.2Control in the human body
B1.2.3Control in plants
B1.3 The use and abuse of drugs
B1.4 Interdependence and adaptation

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C1.7.1The Earth's crust
C1.7.2The Earth's atmosphere
P1.1 The transfer of energy by heating processes and th
at which that energy is transferred
P1.1.1Infrared radiation
P1.1.2Kinetic energy
P1.1.3Energy transfer by heating
P1.1.4Heating and insulated buildings
P1.2 Energy and efficiency
P1.2.1Energy transfer and efficiency
P1.3 The usefulness of electrical appliances

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