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Speeding up and Slowing
Work, Energy and
By Nusaybah and
Aneesah…read more

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Speed and Velocity
Speed is just how fast you are travelling BUT velocity
is how fast you are travelling in a certain
Speed= Distance / Time d
Distance=Speed x Time
Time= Distance / Speed
s X t…read more

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Definition: How quickly your velocity is changing.
Acceleration= Change in velocity / Time taken.
A X t…read more

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D-T Graphs
· Gradient= speed
· Flat sections means that the objects are stationary.
· The steeper the graph the faster it it going
· Downhill sections means its going back towards its
starting point.
· Curves represent acceleration or deceleration.
· A steepening curve means its speeding up.
· A levelling off curve means its slowing down.…read more

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V-T Graphs
· Gradient= acceleration
· Flat sections represent steady speed.
· The steeper the graph, the greater the acceleration
or deceleration.
· Uphill- are acceleration
· Down- hills are deceleration
· The area under any section of the graph is equal to
the distance travelled in that time interval.
· A curve means changing acceleration.…read more

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· Gravity is the force of
attraction between all
· On the surface of a planet,
it makes all things
accelerate towards the
· It gives everything a weight.
· It keeps planets, moons and
satellites in their orbits.…read more

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