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The basic information for types of memory, information for exams in 2009 onwards x

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=system of storing + retrieving information acquired for our
senses (Baddeley)
=Memory is the mental function of retaining information about
stimuli, events, images ideas and so on after original stimuli is no
longer present (Dictionary of Psychology)
3 processes
Encoding Storage Retrival
Characteristics of memory stores
Sensory Memory Large capacity(@ least 9 items. Duration for
visual sensory= ¼ sec. Auditory sensory= 2 secs
Coding= Visualas an image(iconic memory)
Auditory as a sound (ecoic memory)
Or the same form as the stimulus
Short Term MemoryLimited capacity (7 +/ 2 items)(what can be
said in 2 secs)
Duration=1830 seconds(extended with rehearsal), limited, increased
by chunking.
Long Term MemoryUnlimited capacity
Duration=Minutes to years


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