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Geography Exam Practice ­ Jan 2011

Plate Tectonics
1) Study figure 1, a map showing a variety of tectonic features in the Philippines.
Comment on the degree to which the area of the Philippines might be subject to tectonic hazards
(7 marks)

This area of the Philippines is subject to…

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A case study from another part of the world, an LEDC, is in Nevado Del Ruiz. This eruption happened on
the 3rd November 1985. This eruption caused a number of different primary effects such as toxic gas, ash
and pyroclastic flows. There was a large death toll of up to…

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receive winds and air masses from all directions. One direction they get an air mass from is from the north.
This is called an arctic maritime wind because its origin is from the North Pole and it brings very cold
weather. As it travels over water it brings wet weather…


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