AQA GCSE Music - World Music

A set of notes on all areas of world music

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World Music
Music Of The Caribbean
Some genres are laid back such as reggae and calypso where as others are more
upbeat and perfect for dancing such as son and merengue.
Music Of Africa

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World Music
Key Features
Rhythm & Metre Rhythms can sometimes be very complicated but tend to
form repetitive patterns that have a strong rhythmic drive ­
ostinatos are common
Polyrhythms are common
Lively tempo
Harmony & Major keys are common
Tonality Harmonies are usually quite simple
Many songs are based on the repetition of a few chords ( I,
IV and V)
Modulation is rare
Melody & Texture Melodies are often built on short, repeated phrases and
based on pentatonic or hexatonic scales
They…read more

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World Music
Indian Music…read more


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