AQA Music GCSE- AoS3- Timbre

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What we will need to recognise in the Exam:

  • Instruments and voices, singly and in combination, as found in music for solo instruments, concertos, chamber groups, pop and vocal music
  • Generic families of instruments
  • Timbre, including use of technology, synthesised and computer-generated sounds, sampling, and the use of techniques such as reverb, distortion and chorus
  • Instrumental techniques

 Use of Technology

  • Reverb: Abbreviation of reverberations. When a sound lasts longer because it bounces of the walls,  ceiling and floor
  • Distortion: Makes a rough, aggressive sound on electric guitars
  • Chorus: when a recorded voice or instrument is multiplied electronically, making one part sound like many
  • Multi-tracking: Where different tracks


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