AQA Music GCSE- AoS5- Structure and Form

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Structure and Form

What we will need to recognise in the Exam:

  • Binary, ternary, call and response
  • Rondo, theme and variations, arch-shape
  • Popular song forms
  • Ground bass, continuo, cadenza

Binary, Ternary, call and response


  • Two sections of roughly equal length
  • First section (A) is then answered by the second section (B)
  • Each section is usually repeated
  • There is usually a modulation in Section A which is continued into section B where there is another modulation changing the key signature back to the beginning one. 


  • Built up in three sections: A, B, A
  • Section B contains a contrast in some way to Section A
  • The repeat of Section A can be exactly the same as the first time or it may have added detail to make it more interesting 

Call and Response

  • A musical phrase is sung by one person or musician and is followed by a responding phrase by one person or a group of musicians.
  • Common in traditional African Music and African-American music like Gospel
  • Think ‘Oh happy days’

Rondo, Theme and variations, Arch-shape


  • A main theme (A) keeps on returning between contrasting sections
  • Would have the structure A, B, A,


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