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Environmental Studies
Unit 1 ­ The Living Environment
Lesson 1 ­ Conditions for Life on Earth…read more

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This unit is designed to be an introduction to the
biodiversity of life on Planet Earth.…read more

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What will we study?
The reasons why the
conservation of life on Earth
is important are
investigated, as are the
methods which may be used
to achieve effective
Conservation in the UK,
coral reefs, Antarctica and
tropical rainforests are used
to develop these issues
further.…read more

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The Life Processes in the Biosphere section allows
consideration of the ecological relationships between
organisms and their abiotic and biotic environments in
order to understand conservation problems further and
how these may be managed.…read more

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To be able to explain why our planet has suitable
conditions for life.…read more

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Conditions for Life…read more

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