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tutor2u Business Blog ­ Specification Map

Corporate Aims and Objectives
This section considers what the organisation is attempting to achieve, and how this helps to determine
its strategies.
Specification Amplification
Understanding Mission, Aims and Objectives Candidates should understand the purpose and
· mission statements nature of corporate…

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tutor2u Business Blog ­ Specification Map

The Relationship between Businesses and the Changes in the social environment might include
Social Environment demographic factors and environmental issues.
· assessing the effects of: Candidates should be aware of the actions that
­ changes in the social environment businesses can…

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tutor2u Business Blog ­ Specification Map
influencing leadership style
· the role of leadership in managing change
· assessing the importance of leadership.
Key Influences on the Change Process: Types of organisational culture might include:
Culture power, entrepreneurial and task.
· types of organisational culture
· reasons…


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