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tutor2u Business Blog ­ Specification Map
Corporate Aims and Objectives
This section considers what the organisation is attempting to achieve, and how this helps to determine
its strategies.
Specification Amplification
Understanding Mission, Aims and Objectives Candidates should understand the purpose and
· mission statements nature of corporate strategies and their
relationship with aims and objectives.
· corporate aims and objectives
They should understand differing stakeholder
· corporate strategies
perspectives and the potential for conflict and the
· differing stakeholder perspectives. pressure that stakeholders may bring to decision
Assessing Changes in the Business Environment
This section examines the relationships between organisations and their external environment.
Candidates should understand the opportunities and threats created by changes in the contemporary
business environment. The importance of acquiring and managing information and of communicating
effectively should be considered throughout.
Specification Amplification
The Relationship between Businesses and the Knowledge of the determinants of macroeconomic
Economic Environment factors is not required. Candidates should be
familiar with the following economic factors: the
· assessing the effects of the following factors on
business cycle, interest rates, exchange rates,
business organisations: inflation, unemployment and economic growth.
­ impact of economic factors
­ trends in key economic variables
­ globalisation of markets
­ developments in emerging markets
· evaluating the strategies businesses might
deploy in response to these changes.
The Relationship between Businesses and the Consideration might be given to the provision of
Political and Legal Environment products by the government, government
regulation and legislation and other forms of
· assessing the effects of:
intervention such as tax and subsidy. Monetary,
­ government intervention in the economy fiscal policy and supply side policies should also be
­ government economic policies considered.
­ political decisions affecting trade and access to Political decisions should include issues such as: the
markets enlargement of the European Union and moves
­ the impact of legislation relating to businesses towards greater freedom of trade.
· evaluating responses of businesses to a Legislation affecting businesses should include:
changing political and legal environment. employment law, consumer protection,
environmental protection and health and safety
legislation on businesses. A broad understanding of
scope and impact is all that is required.
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tutor2u Business Blog ­ Specification Map
The Relationship between Businesses and the Changes in the social environment might include
Social Environment demographic factors and environmental issues.…read more

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tutor2u Business Blog ­ Specification Map
influencing leadership style
· the role of leadership in managing change
· assessing the importance of leadership.
Key Influences on the Change Process: Types of organisational culture might include:
Culture power, entrepreneurial and task.
· types of organisational culture
· reasons for and problems of changing
organisational culture
· assessing the importance of organisational
culture.…read more


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