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General Certificate of Education
Advanced Level Examination
June 2013

Business Studies BUSS4/PM
Unit 4 The Business Environment and Managing Change

Preliminary Material (Research Theme)

To be issued to candidates no sooner than Thursday 31 January 2013


You will be given one copy of this Preliminary Material (Research…

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Research Theme ­ Organisational Culture

In your research on organisational culture, you should consider:

factors influencing the culture of an organisation and cultural differences within an organisation

the impact of organisational culture on business strategies and performance

reasons for changes in organisational culture

ways of changing organisational culture





any idea what to research for china- can you post a revision document for it?



I have posted a few documents about the 2014 research topic on China. Below are the links to three of my favourite resources that i made and that were very useful to me when i did the exam:

please also see all my other resources!

i may add more resources on China and other topics at a later date.

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