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Remember to ask questions,
thanks family!…read more

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The Structure of the heart
The atrium ­ thin walled
and elastic (stretches
when it collects blood).
Does not pump blood far,
only to the ventricle, which
is why it is thin walled
The ventricle ­ thick
walled cos has to pump
blood long distance (to
body and lungs)
Right ventricle ventricle…read more

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Why 2 pumps?
Because the blood has to be able to pass through
the tiny capillaries in the lungs during gas
exchange (the capillaries create a large service
area that makes gas exchange more efficient), so
the pressure has to be lower. If there was only one
pump, the flow of blood to the rest of the body
would be too slow and blood wouldn't reach are
muscles quick enough.…read more

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The Valves
The blood flows through the 4 chambers in our
heart using our valves.
They open and close to ensure the blood flows
in the right direction.
They open and close about 100,000 times a day!…read more

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AORTA = carries oxygenated blood to all parts
of body EXCEPT lungs
back from body
BLOOD…read more

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