Revision Questions for AS Unit 1 Biology AQA

I have put together a powerpoint of biology question (from the aqa biology text (fish) book)

These questions cover the topics needed for the unit 1 exam, usually taken in january...

I am currently working on extending this powerpoint so that it has the answers plus some additional information...

Hope this helps :) x

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Fish Book…read more

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1. What is a pathogen?
2. Why are the digestive systems often the sites
of entry for pathogen?
3. In which two ways do pathogens cause
4. Suggest one reasons why oral antibiotics are
not normally used to treat gastroenteritis
and other diarrhoeal diseases…read more

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1. What single lifestyle change within the
population of the UK would bring about the
greatest reduction in cancer rates?
2. In what three ways would 30 minutes of brisk
exercise each day reduce chances of
suffering from coronary heart disease?
3. A friend asks how she can change her diet in
order to live longer. What advice would you
give her?…read more

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1. State one way in which the stomach is
­ To churn food
­ To prevent the enzymes it produces from
digesting the surface of the stomach
2. What is hydrolysis?
3. Which two structures produce amylase?
4. Suggest a reason why the stomach does not
have villi or microvilli…read more

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1. Large molecules often contain carbon. Why is
2. What is the general name for a molecule that
is made up of many similar repeating units?
3. Why does Benedict's reagent turn red when
heated with a reducing sugar?…read more

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1. Which one, or more, monomer units make up each of the
following carbohydrates?
­ Lactose
­ Sucrose
­ Starch
2. Glucose (C6H12O6) combines with fructose (C6H12O6) to
form the disaccharide sucrose. From your knowledge of
how disaccharides are formed, work out the formula of
3. To hydrolyse a disaccharide it can be boiled with
hydrochloric acid but if hydrolysis is carried out by an
enzyme a much lower temperature is used. Why is this?…read more

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