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What is the organism that causes cholera?
A curved, rod-shaped bacterium called Vibrio Cholerae.
How does cholera spread?
Cholera is transmitted by the ingestion of water or food, that has been
contaminated with faecal material containing the pathogen. Such contamination can arise because:
1. Drinking water isn't properly purified.
2. Untreated sewage leaks into water courses.
3. Food is contaminated by people who prepare and serve it.
4. Organisms (eg, shellfish) have fed on untreated sewage released into rivers or oceans.
What are the symptoms?
Diarrhoea and Vomiting.
Rapid Heart Rate.
Low Blood Pressure.
If not treated quickly, it can lead to death.
Oral Rehydration Treatment.
Oral rehydration solutions (ORS) are used to treat diarrhoeal diseases.
o An oral rehydration solution is a drink that contains large amounts of salts (sodium and chloride
ions) and sugars (such as glucose and sucrose) dissolved in water.
o ORS are used to replace the salts, sugars and water lost in the diarrhoea.
o Sodium ions are included to increase glucose absorption.
Why is cholera more common in some countries?
Cholera is more common in poorer, less developed countries. This is due to:
o Poor healthcare.
o Lack of sanitation.
o No clean drinking supply.
o Not much money to fight cholera, pay for medicines, reduce the number of people who die from it.
Could cholera be prevented?
Cholera can be made less common by:
o The country becoming more developed.
o To pay for advanced water and sanitation systems.
o Education, to train more doctors and people to help with cholera.
o A better healthcare system, to provide ORS.


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