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The Electrostatic Paint Sprayer
The spray nozzle is connected to the
positive terminal of an electrostatic
generator. The negative terminal is
connected to the metal panel. The panel
attracts paint droplets from the spray. The
droplets of paint all pick up the same charge
and repel each other so form a fine cloud of
The Photocopier
Photocopiers with a photo conducting drum- Drum positively
charged until light falls on it. Light reflected off the paper
onto the drum. The areas of black do not reflect so the drum
keeps its charge in the areas. The black toner sticks to the
drum where it is still charged and pressed onto paper. The
paper is finally heated to stick the toner to it permanently.
Antistatic Floors
In a hospital, doctors use anaesthetic gases during operations.
Some of these gases are explosive. If the gas escapes into
the air, a tiny spark could make it explode. To eliminate static
charge in operating theatres, an antistatic material is used
for the floor surface. The material is a poor electrical
insulator so it conducts charge to the earth.…read more


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