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15 mark question plan…read more

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O At the start of the 15 mark question it will ask
you about a certain terminology
O E.g. Discuss the uses and limitations of DTM
O Firstly explain what DTM is and who created
O So whenever a question asks you about
terminology start off with explaining what
that terminology means…read more

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O Case studies and statistics come in here
O E.g. For a named region ,choose two of the following areas
.Inner city
.Rural/urban fringe
.Rural area
For these two areas compare their characteristics and explain how they affect the
social welfare of the resident population
So start the paragraph off with what case studies your using. Make sure you include
statistics and relevant information about each case study e.g. inner city- Canning
town- statistic ­this causes poverty cycle etc.
But when you move on from one case study remember to say your new case study in
your new paragraph or the examiner may think you are still talking about your first
case study!
E.g. Canning town.........On the other hand Essex...........
Your explanation is the main body of your 15 mark answer…read more

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O Examiners want your opinion at the end of
the paper in your conclusion.
O E.g. Describe and explain the social and
economic impacts of an ageing population
O So your opinion could be I think an ageing
population has a bad impact on the
economy...and explain simplified reasons
why…read more


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