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KINETICS…read more

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Rate of Reaction
· Factors that affect rate of reaction include:
· Temperature
· Concentration
· Pressure
· Surface Area
· Catalysts
· Rate of reaction is the change in concentration of a
reactant/product with unit time…read more

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The Rate Expression
· The equation that describes how the rate of reaction at a
particular temperature depends on the concentration of
species involved
Rate [X][Y]
· Rate is proportional to [X][Y]…read more

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The Rate Constant, k
· Rate = k [X][Y]2
· K is different for each reaction and varies with
temperature…read more

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The Effect of Temperature on k
· For every 10K rise in temperature rate of reaction doubles
· K changes due to changes in temperature, if the
temperature increases so does k
· The larger the value for k the faster the reaction
· K depends on temperature since particles will only react
together if their collisions have enough energy to start
bond breaking, activation energy
· The greater the temperature the more particles have
enough energy to react…read more

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The Order of Reaction
· Rate = k [X][Y]2
· [Y] has double the effect on rate than [X]
· The order of reaction is the power to which the
concentration of that species is raised in the rate
· [X] is first order and [Y]2 is second order
· The overall order is the sum of the orders so the reaction
would be third order
· Rate = k [A] m[B]n
· Overall order would be m + n…read more

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