Approaches - Psychodynamic - Freud's Psychosexual Stages

Freud's psychosexual stages - psychodynamic

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Freud's Psychosexual Stages
Oral, anal, phallic, latent, genital
Personality develops through psychosexual stages
The libido is the energy attached to life/sex drive which originates from the id
o Reproduction ­ link to biological
The libido focuses on different parts of the body ­ erogenous zones ­ at different stages
Conflicts are encountered at each stage. Insufficient/excessive gratification leads to fixation
­ behavioural problems resulting from this persist into adulthood
The anal stage is subdivided into the anal explosive and anal retentive stage
`issues' originate from toilet training and may lead to conflict
This results in the anal personality: obsessively tidy, mean and obstinate
There is some correlational evidence supporting the idea that `orderliness' and `meanness'
are related... however, this does not mean that fixation caused this to occur
The phallic stage and Oedipus complex
Boy develops (pleasurable) desires for his mother
Boy develops castration anxiety ­ father will cut off his `widler' (Freud's own term)
Oedipal conflict resolved by identification with father
Superego begins to develop


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