Approaches - Humanistic Perspective - Strengths and Limitations

strengths and limitations of the humanistic approach

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Humanistic perspective ­ strengths and limitations
Applications ­ humanistic therapies, e.g. CCT illustrate a positive application of perspective
Holism ­ the perspective view people as a `whole'
View of people ­ humanism has a very positive view about what it is to be human
Empirical evidence ­ humanistic psychology hasn't generated much empirical research ­ it has
traditionally rejected scientific methods (having said this, there have been some attempts to
measure self-actualisation)
Comprehensiveness ­ focus is on `motivation' ­ humanism seems to neglect biological/
instinctive drives
Terminology ­ terms such as self-actualisation, fully functioning person and peak experiences
are poorly defined


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