Approaches - Humanistic Perspective - Person Centred Approach of Maslow

person centred approach of Maslow - humanism

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Person-centred approach of Maslow
Maslow's approach focuses on human motivation. Individuals seek fulfilment in life and have
an inborn tendency towards psychological growth and reaching their full potential ­ self
Behaviour is driven (motivated) by `wantings' or `needs' which are organised in the form of a
hierarchy ­ the hierarchy of needs
Deficiency and growth
Maslow's needs are divided into deficiency needs and growth needs
Deficiency needs: maintain physical and psychological equilibrium
o Physiological
o Safety
o Belongingness
o Love
Growth needs
o Self actualisation

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Evaluation of Maslow's person-centred approach
Alternative approach:
o This approach is based on free will. Compare this to the deterministic of e.g.
o This model has been applied to e.g. management and sport
o No scientific evidence
Maslow's research on the healthy personality
Maslow did conduct research on people he considered to be self-actualisers ­ these are
individuals who are fulfilled and use their abilities to the fullest, e.g.…read more


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