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comparison of approaches - the eclectic approach

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Comparison of approaches
Eclectic approach ­ a rather loose and informal approach where no one theoretical approach position
is regarded as universally applicable
An attempt to coordinate and reconcile differences between competing theoretical
positions in the search for harmony
E.g. in clinical psychology a therapist may choose to use whatever therapeutic procedures seem most
applicable to the case (e.g. psychoanalytic, CBT)
Discussion points:
A single approach (e.g. biological) results in a overly narrow view of human nature: an eclectic
approach may provide a richer, fuller picture
Regarded as a `healthy' approach since psychology is still at too immature a level to expect
any one of its theories to be universally applicable
Theoretical unification would have implications for the status of psychology as a science
It is difficult to reconcile the individual contributions of each approach


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