Applying Literary Theory to Wuthering Heights

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Applying Literary Theory to Wuthering Heights
Theory Example in Wuthering Heights
Feminism How women are dominated by
patriarchal attitudes-
· Young Cathy, for example,
is forced to marry Linton
and looses her property
because she is female and
can't inherit it (she is also
emotionally manipulated
by him)
· Cathy- the only way she
feels she can bring up
Heathcliff is through
marriage to Edgar
· Isabella- is trapped for
months in her marriage to
Heathcliff and is powerless
to stop his behaviour
· Lockwood's attitude to
Young Cathy- makes his
attraction clear
· Earnshaw forces Heathcliff
on his wife- she has no
Marxist Wuthering Heights breaking
contemporary social
· Heathcliff is able to bring
Linton up and Hareton
down in terms of class
· Cathy marries Edgar for
class and to bring
Heathcliff up
· Hindely forces Heathcliff
down in society
· Isabella and Heathcliff-
inequality in marriage
· Education- is an important
inequality between Cathy
and Hareton- he can't read

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Structuralist How does the structure affect
reading and understanding of
· Nelly's narration- her
· Lockwood's narration- his
· Binary opposites in WH-
before Cathy dies/ After
Cathy dies
· Events- Edgar, Heathcliff
and Catherine love triangle
repeated with Hareton,
Linton and Young Cathy
Psychoanalytical Heathcliff's childhood affecting
his development-
· Trust issues- orphan
· Treatment by Hindely
abusive- beating him etc,
drives Heathcliff desire for
revenge on him
· Revenge on Lintons-
driven by them taking
Cathy away
· Possessive nature-…read more

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Heathcliff is dark skinned
& has no family
· Catherine- is lower class
and rural; outsider in
Edgar's high class world
· Young Cathy and Isabella;
both civilised and
outsiders at Wuthering
Heights, not used to
emotional events
· Hindely- becomes this
from family before his
death, as he is alcoholic
and embarrassing to them
· Hareton- Is this to YC; he
is not educated and is this
compared to Heathcliff&
Joseph- has a kinder side
· Linton- Is an outsider not
only at the…read more


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