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Global issues climatic hazards
Anticyclones are systems of high pressure that tend to cause conditions that can
last for weeks. They can lead to heat waves, cold spells and conventional
thunderstorms which can cause flash flooding.
Winter weather (polar source)
Cold day time temperature- below freezing to a max. Of 6 degrees C
Very cold night time temperatures
Clear skies so fogs may form, especially radiation fogs in low lying areas
High levels of atmospheric pollution in urban areas, caused by subsiding air
and a lack of wind
Pollutants are trapped
Summer weather (tropical source)
Hot day time temperatures of over 23 degrees C
Warm high time temperatures which may not fall below 15 degrees C
Generally clear sometimes cloudless skies
Some mists and fogs in the early morning, especially on the coast
Thunderstorms may result from convectional uplift, usually in late
afternoon/early evening
High levels of low level ozone and formation of photochemical smog, which
are major pollution hazards.


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