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Depressions And Human Activity
· You now know the type of weather
associated with depressions (warm, cold
and occluded fronts). You need to know
the impacts on people of the different
· In your own time complete all of activity 1
p.17…read more

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To know what causes anticyclones
To understand the seasonal variations in
weather conditions within anticyclonic
conditions…read more

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High or Low?
1000 mb
Air is
Air is heated high
and expands Wind pressure
creating low at the
pressure at the surface
surface.…read more

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High Pressure
· In the Northern Hemisphere, high
pressures rotate clockwise
North High Equator…read more

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· Anticyclones are areas of high pressure
created by the jet streams Rossby Wave ­
as it turns towards the equator it slows
down excess air piles up and descends
towards the ground.
· In other words air descends from the
upper parts of the troposphere creating
high pressure at ground level…read more

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What Type of Conditions?
· Use p.18 to find out the following about
1. Are conditions stable or unstable? Why?
2. What is `Adiabatic Heating'?
3. Why are skies usually cloudless?
4. What is a `temperature inversion'?…read more

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