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Ransomware is a subset of malware in which the data on a victim's computer is locked, typically by encryption, and payment is demanded before the ransomed data is decrypted and access returned to the victim. The motive for ransomware attacks is nearly always monetary, and unlike other types of attacks, the victim is usually notified that an exploit has occurred and is given instructions for how to recover from the attack. Payment is often demanded in a virtual currency, such as bitcoin, so that the cybercriminal's identity isn't known.

modular smartphone is a smartphone made using different components that can be independently upgraded or replaced in a modular design.

Convergence is the coming together of two different entities, and in the contexts of computing and technology, is the integration of two or more different technologies in a single device or system. A good example is the convergence of communication and imaging technologies on a mobile device designed to make calls and take pictures - two unrelated technologies that converge on a single device.

Technically, a speaker capable of anything beyond just emitting sound can be labelled as ‘smart’. So the fact wireless speakers feature Bluetooth, NFC, speakerphone abilities and can be controlled by apps already make them smart speakers. What you can do with a smart speaker depends largely on which AI your speaker has inside it


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