Anschluss with Austria

Timeline/facts of the Anschluss with Austria, 1938. I personally used this as a matching cards exercise for revision.

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Schuschnigg (Austrian Chancellor) signed the German
Austrian agreement:
Recognised the independence of Austria
Austrian foreign policy would be consistent
with Germany
Allowed Nazis to hold official posts in Austria.
1936 Schuschnigg hoped this would appease Hitler. He was
wrong. Schuschnigg's position was undermined in
1936 when Hitler and Mussolini formalised the
Rome-Berlin Axis during the Spanish Civil War
(1936-1939). Italy and Germany became allies, and
Austria was vulnerable to attack.
Schuschnigg and Hitler met up in Berchtesgaden and
Hitler demanded that Nazis be given key government
posts in Austria. Schuschnigg compromised, making
Nazi Seyss-Inquart Minister of the Interior. Hitler
1938 ordered Austrian Nazis to create as much trouble and
destruction as possible in order to put pressure on
Schuschnigg. If Hitler could claim that Austrian law and
order had broken down, he could justify marching
troops into Vienna to restore peace.
09/03/193 Schuschnigg announced a referendum where the
Austrian people would decide for themselves if they
wanted to be part of Hitler's Germany. Hitler was
8 furious because if Austrians voted against joining
Germany his excuse for invasion would be ruined.
10/03/193 Hitler told his generals to prepare for the invasion of
Austria. He ordered Schuschnigg to call off the
referendum, and as he knew he would get no help
8 from Italy, France or Britain, he conceded.

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Hitler reassured Czechoslovakia they had nothing to
German troops marched into Austria unopposed. He
now had control of Austria, and a month later Hitler
also rigged a referendum, showing that Austrians
approved of German control.
12/03/193 Without "officially" firing a single bullet, Hitler had
7 million people and an army of 100000 to his
8 Reich
Useful resources such as steel and iron ore.
Czechoslovakia was now surrounded on 3 sides by
Germany.…read more


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