Aryanisation - Germany 1930s

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  • Aryanisation
    • To enforce social conformity and racial purity
      • remove 'burden' of the jewish population
    • policy to force Jews to emigrate, leave wealth behind
      • Hitler attacked Jews rights to owning businesses at Nuremberg rallies 1937
        • Germans were receptive - eager to expand business, remove Jewish competitors
    • Jewish businesses being given to Aryan people
      • Effects - Isolated from society, excluded from economic activity
    • Goring reduced foreign exchange for Jewish businesses
    • In Austria after anschluss '**** of confiscations' of Jewish businesses
      • 1938 April 39,532 Jewish businesses, in a year 14,803 had been closed down
    • Aims - accelerate alienation of Jews from society, encourage emigration and grab valuable assets


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