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MINEKA et AL ­ monkeys
Wild monkeys were scared of snakes ­ maybe by observing adults in the wild
Lab monkeys were not scared of snakes
Tested monkeys' reactions using:
Snakes (real, toys and models)
Other things (black and yellow cord, triangles, etc)
Lab monkeys watched wild monkeys
Lab monkeys learned to fear snakes but not the other objects
Animals can learn phobia through social learning
CURIO ­ blackbirds
Put two blackbirds in a cage could not see each other but could both see the stuffed bird
Teacher bird could see a stuffed owl ­ owls are dangerous to blackbirds
Learner bird could see a harmless stuffed honeyeater
Teacher produced an alarm call
Learner could hear alarm but only see honeyeater
Later learner produced alarm call when it saw a honeyeater
This shows that social learning can cause fear in animals even when the object is not dangerous
COOMBES et AL ­ rats
Let two rats drink from a spout
One rat was given an injection to make it feel sick
Later both avoided the spout
Rat which wasn't sick learned not to drink from the spout because it has seen the other rat being
Learning to avoid something unpleasant is same as learning a fear

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High control ­ other variables are controlled Low ecological validity ­ lab study
High experimental validity Animals ­ results are not applicable…read more


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