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The right to be treated well
The right to have a happy life
The right to die humanely
The right not to be used
The right not to be exploited…read more

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Dominion: This word has been interpreted to mean that
people have power and therefore they do what they wish to the
world and animals. However, others would say that God intended
for humans to care for the world and look after it for future
Medical Research: These are experiments and
investigations carried out by scientists and doctors in the hope of
finding a cure for diseases such as cancer
Stewardship: The word `steward' means look after-
Christians believe they should be looking after the world…read more

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Christian Attitudes
Some Christians believe that although causing
unnecessary suffering to animals is wrong, medical
research is necessary
They believe God gave humans souls but not animals,
which shows humans are more important
God said `rule over the fish of the sea' (Genesis 1.26)
this suggests God gave humans more rights than
`You are worth more than five sparrows' (Luke 12.6)
Some believe humans are the most important of God's
creation as they were made last-on the 6th day…read more

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Christian attitudes
Other Christians such as Quakers are against
animals used in research because they believe
that all life is created by God and therefore all
God cares about all his creation- ` Are not five
sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of
them is forgotten by God.' (Luke 12.6)
It is cruel- electrodes are put on monkey's heads
St Francis of Assisi believed that animals were just
as important- he preached a sermon to birds…read more

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ALL Christians believe animals should be treated
with respect because God told humans to be
stewards of the earth and `all life is sacred'
Some Christians including Catholics agree that
animals can be used for medical research but
should still be treated well `Do not muzzle an ox
while it is treading out t the grain' (
Deuteronomy 25)
Quakers believe animals should never be used-
they are equal- `A righteous man cares for the
needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the
wicked are cruel' (Proverbs 12)…read more

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Mahatma Gandhi said:
`The greatness of a nation and its moral
progress can be judged by the way its
animals are treated'…read more


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