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Language and Structure

Irony - When a writer uses words that suggest the opposite of what they actually mean

Satire - A written attack that makes something look foolish or unpleasant ­ ironic humour is often
used to draw our attention to follies that the author is attacking

Allegory ­…

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Orwell's style is `transparent' and simple.

Fairytale phrasing

Simple language: the book contains the sort of language we would expect to find in a fairytale.
Phrases like `As soon as the light in the bedroom went out there was a stirring and a fluttering all
through the farm buildings' encourage…

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Exploiting the farm animals

Told that the animals have `hardships' to face but they also have a greater dignity in their lives than
before as there are `more songs, more speeches, more processions'. The reader can see that these
are simple ways in which the pigs control the animals.



Paul Dutton


A detailed guide looking at language and structure in the novel. Important for those taking the higher tier. 

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