The Farmers Bride

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Rhythm and Rhyme

Tone/ Themes 

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The Farmers Point Example Effect
6 stanzas of unequal length It tells the story of the farmer's marriage to a young girl. This gives the audience the impression that the
Narrative farmer is trying to get them to understand the situation from his point of view which creates an irony as
Structured by seasons `Three summers since', `in the
the reader is able to relate and understand how the his wife feels, creating sympathy for her. The
Fall', `Christmas-time'
farmer has no understanding towards how she feels.
The poet, Charlotte Mew, has structured the poem through the uses of seasons to show that time has
passed. The seasons mentioned are linked to his farming work and shows his growing despair at the
situation as time is passing by the tragic situation between him and his wife remains the same.
Rural language `she runned away', `Out `mong Portrays the farmer's voice and dialect clearly to show that he has been born and bred as a farmer and a
Enjambment the sheep her be' countryside man.
Caesura Enjambment from line 14 to 19
Increases the speed and intensity of the chase, creates the impression of the community hunting an
Repetition `Alone,'
Dramatic irony `a maid', `her hair' animal which is reinforced when he refers to her as a hare, a commonly hunted animal.
Caesura emphasizes the loneliness felt by his wife by isolating the word from the rest of the line.
Repetition of `maid' emphasizes her youth and innocence in comparison to his own age. It also shows as
it is repeated towards the end that after 3 years of marriage, she is still a virgin. Repetition of `her hair'
in the last stanza shows his repressed sexual desire and desperation. It also suggests he may be
approaching madness as he can't handle it anymore. Although there have been no signs of him actually
hurting her, this may show him losing control, leading him to possibly hit her or rape her, which was
considered acceptable if your husband did so in the Victorian era.
Similes- Animals `frightened fay', `like a hare', The poet makes the farmer dehumanise her into animals. This may be the poet suggesting that she is
Colour `like a mouse', untamed and wild unlike the rest of the women in the community or it may be that the farmer
Symbolic `low grey sky', `oaks are brown', understands animals more than women and so by comparing her to animals, he feels as though he is
`black earth spread white with
rime' able to control the situation or understand her, which of course is incorrect.
`berries redden', The imagery of colours in the fifth stanza are bleak and uncomforting, reflecting the fact that there has
been no change in their relationship and he cannot see it changing in the near future
The magpie feather on the `clack earth spread white with rime' is symbolic, suggesting a world of big
contrasts: man versus woman, chastity versus married sexual union, animal versus human. `Berries
redden' is a symbol for sexual maturity.
Strong sense of rhyme although `do', `woo' Although the rhyme scheme changes, Charlotte Mew uses rhyming couplets when trying to put across
the rhyming scheme changes the passion of the speaker e.g. the couplets `do' and `woo'.
every stanza `lying', `flying'
Internal rhyme helps to keep the musical quality of the story
Internal rhyme `One night, in the fall, she
The metre changes throughout runned away'. Last stanza the Punctuation slows down the pace and halts the rhythm of the poem to reflect the disturbance caused by
rhythm is continuously broken the wife's escape. The frequent breaking of the rhythm in the final stanza shows the farmer is troubles
and struggling to deal with his wife's fear, but also longing for her.

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Unhappy `But what to me?' Shows she hasn't returned any affection he desires from her. The rhetorical question is strongly
Longing `Tis but a stair betwixt us' suggestive of his unhappiness.…read more


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