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Animal and plant cells:

Animal cells:

Nucleus ­ controls all the activities of the cell and contains
genetic information.

Cytoplasm ­ a liquid gel in which most of the reactions needed
take place. - Respiration.

Cell Membrane ­ Controls what enters and leaves the cell.

Mitochondria ­ where most of…

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Some cells are adapted for special purposes or jobs. Its structure
is often very different from our `typical' cells.

Fat Cell:

Fat cells are storage cells.
They can expand ­ they can end up 1000 times their original
They have very little cytoplasm which leaves space for fat.

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Diffusion is how substances like oxygen and glucose enter cells
and how waste products leave them.

Dissolved substances move into and out of you cells across the
cell membrane.

Diffusion happens when a gas or any substance in solution
spreads out. It is the net movement of particles from an…

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The cell membrane doesn't let all types of particle through so is
known a partially permeable.

Partially permeable cells allow water to move across them.

A cell is basically some chemicals dissolved in water inside a
partially permeable bag of cell membrane. The cell contains a
fairly concentrated solution of…


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