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Some cells are adapted for special purposes or jobs. Its structure
is often very different from our `typical' cells.
Fat Cell:
Fat cells are storage cells.
They can expand ­ they can end up 1000 times their original
They have very little cytoplasm which leaves space for fat.
They have very little mitochondria as they need little energy
Cone Cell from a Human eye:
They are in the light sensitive part of your eye and make it
possible for you to see colours.…read more

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The cell membrane doesn't let all types of particle through so is
known a partially permeable.
Partially permeable cells allow water to move across them.
A cell is basically some chemicals dissolved in water inside a
partially permeable bag of cell membrane. The cell contains a
fairly concentrated solution of sugar and salts. Therefore water
will move from a high concentration of water (a dilute solution)
into the cell with a low concentration of water (a concentrated
solution) across the cell membrane.…read more


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