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War Photographer - Language

  • "all flesh is grass" --> metaphor/Religious imagery - suggests meaningless of life

- suggests scale of death and how fragile life is - funeral= sense of ceremony, he owes it to them

  • "his hands, which did not tremble then" --> irony - calm in face of danger (PTSD)
  • "spools of suffering set out in orderly rows" --> silibance - emphasises dark nature 

--> Paradox - suffering to ordered - like soilders or like graves?

  • "tears between...pre-lunch beers" > internal thyme > juxaposition

- the lost lives are easily forgotten

  • "he earns his living and they do not care" > collective pronoun > last line

- accuses evryone

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War Photographer - Word/Phrase Analysis

"Sunday's Supplements" --> silibance and passive sound  - spiting out words (shows anger)

"a half-formed ghost" --> metaphor + emotive - could mean photo is still developing - or the person is dieing - or he is already dead

"Eyeballs priick" --> suggests small term pain, readers od newspaper would forget it quickly

"ordinary pain" (about the british weather) --> oxymoron - suggest guilt in how he complains about the weather when people are dying 

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War Photographer - Structure/Form

enjambment --> gradual revealing of photo

Regualr Structure (4stanza 6lines) --> him giving order to chaos

Written as a narritive --> gives sense of detachment, away from sufffering

Volta (Stanza 3) --> switch from general effects of war to a more peronalised view (looking at that one photo)- personal cost of war = more impact (guilt)

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War Photographer - Context

line 12 "running children in nightmare heat" --> ref to Nick Ut's "Napalm Girl" V.War

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Ozymandias - Language

"Sneer of cold command" --> synaesthesia (senses) - suggests power anad arrogance

"Yet survive(the statue), stamped on these lifless things" --> Juxaposition- suggests art outlives human power,ironically but art is not immortal, and can not immortalise power

"Ye Mighty, and Despair!" --> Exclamortary phrase - shows power authority and anger

--> Ironic - nobody is listening

"boundless and bare...lone and level...sands strech far away" --> Alliteration - emphasises emptiness 

--> Iconic - sand is iconic of time (hourglass)

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Ozymandias - Words/Phrases

"Shatter'd visage" --> ironic - face is unrecognisable = pointless

"Look on my ..." --> stressed sylable - tone of command

"colossal wreck" --> metaphor/double meaning - statue is a mess/metaphor for his ego

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Ozymandias - Structure/Form

Sonnet (14 lines) and iambic penatmeter --> usually related to love/romance - sarcastic poets views of Ozymandias

Ireggular rhyme scheme -->symbolic of broken imperfect statue

"mock'd...fed" --> secondhand account/past participle - distances reader from king

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Ozymandias - Context

Inspired by the unearting of the statue of Ramesses II

Pharaohs thought they were gods in a mortal form whos legacy was imortal

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London - Language

"mark in every face ..marks of weakness, marks of weo" --> repetition/hyperbole - emphasises feeling of bleakness (marked) on everyones skin (anger)

"mind-forged manacles" --> Alliteration - draws attention to metaphor

--> metaphor - people are norphysically held back, its their thoughts and attitudes

"Chimney sweeper's cry//Every black'ning church appals" --> juxaposition - innocent children vs supposably clean but corrupt church (anger) - Blake saw religion as a tool of control

"youthful harlots curse" --> oxymoron- hoes vs youth - nothing is pure

--> double meaning - swearing hoes or how they are a curse on London (anger)

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London - Words/Phrases

Stanza 2 "In every ..." --> Anaphora - emphasises everyone is effected including infants

"I hear", "cry", "curse" --> senses - creates vivid image of hellish experience

"marriage hearse." --> oxymoron, final phrase - happy vs death, everything has been destroyed

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London - Structure

Unbroken ABAB rhyme --> echos relentless misery of London

e.g. "Runs down palace walls" --> powerful last line in every stanza - sums up message to create impact

Dramatic monolgue/First person --> moer personal and realistic

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London - Context

Line 12 - "Runs in blood down palace walls" --> ref to F.Rev, rich are protected

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Remains - Language

"I see broad daylight on the other side" --> graphic hyperbole

"Three of kind all letting fly" --> poker analogy - his death was a rseult of a game of chance

"probably armed, possibvly not " --> repetion Line 4 an 22 - unclear memory, constantly replayed in his mind, torturing him

"his bloody life in my bloody hands" --> repetition/double meaning - bloody = swering or actual blood

"Then I'm home on leave. But I blink /// and he bursts"

--> short simple monosyllibic sentence - he thinks he's safe when he gets home, but still confused

--> emjabment - he cant move on, emphaises "blink", nightmarish

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Remains -Word/Analysis

"legs it" --> colloquuailism - as its something ordinary, but itv isnt

"sort of inside out" --> dehumanisation - hopefully reduces his mental pain

"I see..." --> Anaphora - emphasises visual horror

"rips through his life" --> metaphor

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Remains - Structure/Form

First person plural to singular  -->emphasises his guilt getting stronger

Colloquilsm  --> sense of realism

Loose (internal) ryhme  --> suggests he cant coupe

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Remains - Context

PTSD  --> emotional numbness

 --> nightmares

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Poppies - Language

"I pinned one onto your lapel" -->  pronouns and past tense - relect their once was intamcy

Stanza 2 --> personal anecdote - domestic scene brings reader closer - juxaposes the millatary side of her son

"my words flatterned, rolled, turned into felt" --> triplism - tounged tide emotions - proud but scared

"releases a song bird from its cage" --> symbolism - a beautiful creature (son) being set free

"without // a winter coat or reinforcements" --> was imagery - emphasising how she and her son has been left vunrable 

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Poppies - Words/Phrases

"gelled back thorns" (his hair) --> metaphor - short hair needed in army also shows aggressiveness

--> symbolism - Jesus thorned crown on the cross - sacrifice

"Intoxicated" --> hyperbole - hints lack of control - giving up hes life

" s aingle dove"--> symbolsim - peace and or mourning

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Poppies - Structure/Form

Long sentences + emjabment --> a sense of absorbton in emotions and thoughts, natural tone

"I listened, hoping to hear" --> Caesureae - holding back tears

Chronological order + flash foward --> ambigous time frame - memory of childhood + him leaving

Monologue --> to give narrative effect

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Storm on the Island - Language

"Strange, it is a huge nothing we fear" (final line)--> oxymoron/paradox - storm invisble, hwo can you fair something invisible (nature and fear)

"spits like a tame cat//Turned savage" --> simile - only scary if we choose to to be (fear)

"Exploding comfortably" --> oxymoron - violence is ok when it is far away

"We sit tight while wind dives"  --> assonace - hissing and spitting of sea

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Storm on the Island - Words/Phrases

"tragic chorus" (the trees) -->  anthropomorphism - creates an image of trees gathered, swaying and making loud noises as the storm hits

"strafes" "salvo" "bombarded" --> semantic field of millitery images - weather and wind = air raids

"We are prepared"(fist line) --> collective expression - sense of saftey compared to fearful last line

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Storm on the Island - Structure/Form

Blank verse + emjabment + Direct address "you know" --> conversational tone

"but no:" --> monosylibic + volta + caesura - point when everyone loses their sh*t

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Storm on the Island - Context

Whole Poem metaphor for storm of Religious violence in NI

"its a huge nothing that we fear" --> questioning God and his power, only fear him if you allow him to

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My Last Duchess - Language

"Fra Pandolf's hands" --> allusion - materialism, pride, values artist > painting

"(since none puts by // The curtain I have drawn for you, but I)"

--> paraenthesis - shows power - emphasises special ocation

--> irony - he can trol her looks now but not when she was alive

"half flush that dies along her throat--> foreshadowing, sinister tone, semantic links to murder

"She had // A heart --how should I say?-- ... too easily impressed" --> interpolation. rhetorical question vs emjabment - tries to be polite to cover up anger, he is critising her good qualities

"had you skill in speech -(which I have not)-"-->interpolation - false modesty -cares about his image

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My Last Duchess - Words/Phrases

'I gave commands' --> euphamism - killed her

'gift of a nine-hundred years-old name' --> ironically mocking - identity

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My Last Duchess - Structure/Form

Dramatic monologue --> Conversational tone, no one speaks -shows control

iambic penameter --> Converastional tone, romantic technique for sinister poem

ryhming couplets --> romantic effect, shows control

emjabment --> he gets carried away with the duchess rather than painting

cyclical --> begins/end with famous artists

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My Last Duchess - Context

Duke Ferrea's wife died suspicously

Browning's wife's father was over protective

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Exposure - Language

"flowing flakes that flock" --> alliteration - emphasises relentlesnnes of snow

"Thereforenot loath... out here; therefore" --> scatterd punctuation - panic and death

"poignant misery of dawn" --> oxymoron - dawn is meant to be happy

"All their eyes are ice" --> metaphor/double meaning - man has lost emotion - dead/living are frozen

"God's invincible spring our love is made afraid" --> juxaposition -they have lost hope in God

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Exposure - Words/Phrases

"But nothing happens" --> repetition, end of stanza - no progress even with death

"we cring inholes" --> zoomorphism - man is animal in the eyes of nature - scared like rabbits

"snow-dazed , sun dozed" --> half rhyme - current vs past - imperfect imagery

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Exposure - Structure/Form

8 Stanzas with last half line on each --> no progress (stasis)

Punctionation --> used to force pause, - slows down poem - boredom

Regular rhyme scheme (ABBAC) --> repetitive

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Exposure - Context

WW1 soilder


"God's invincible spring our love is made afraid" --> juxaposition - they have lost hope in God

"Like a rumour of some other war" --> Bilblical ref - Jesus descriping end of the world

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