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`An Inspector Calls'
by J.B.Priestley
Revision PowerPoint
RCH…read more

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J. B. Priestley
The playwright…read more

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J. B. Priestley
· John Boynton Priestley was born in Bradford in
· When the First World War broke out, Priestley
immediately joined the British Army. After
being wounded and affected by a gas attack,
Priestley was withdrawn from active service and
became part of the Entertainers Section of the
British Army- he made moral boosting radio
speeches for the BBC…read more

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Links between Priestley's life and
`An Inspector Calls'
Priestley lived through the period that he
explores in his play, including the time alluded to
by the Inspector.
Priestley fought in the war that the Inspector
predicts: "Fire and blood and anguish". Priestley
saw the suffering of war at first hand and wanted
to avoid further wars.
Priestley was always interested in historical events
and politics. His play presents the conflicting
views behind Capitalism and Socialism.…read more

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`An Inspector Calls'
The Social & Historical
Context…read more

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Social & Historical Context
· `An Inspector Calls' was
written in 1946 but is set in
1912. Put historically, it was
written just after the Second
World War and set just before
the First World War.
· J.B. Priestley had lived
through both wars, which
must have had a huge impact
upon him.
· By setting the play in the past,
Priestley can make use of
dramatic irony ­ the audience
knows what happens after the
events in the play but obviously
the characters don't.…read more

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