Inspector Goole character analysis

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    • Role of Inspector Goole:
      • Role in the play:
        • Inspector Goole reveals information at key moments, in chronological order, to build up the life of Eva Smith.
        • He acts as Priestley's voice-he represents strong socialist beliefs and gives warnings about what could happen if the Birlings continue their selfish ways.
      • Link to the family:
        • He is a police officer who narrates the story of Eva Smith/Daisy Renton through a series of investigations of the Birling family and Gerald.
    • Significance of Inspector Goole:
      • Encourages social equality:
        • Inspector Goole threatens the very structure of society by refusing to treat members of the upper class any differently-instead he treats everyone the same and courages more equality within society.
      • Warnings about capitalism and war:
        • Before he leaves, Inspector Goole warns the Birling family that if they do not make some important decisions/ changes to the way they live their lives they will be taught in :fire and blood and anguish" will be followed.
        • This is Priestley warning the family that selfish, capitalist attitudes will ultimately lead to two World Wars, causing deaths of thousands of people and permanent change to British(and World)society.
    • Character Analysis:
      • Mysterious:
        • It is unclear who, or what, the inspector actually is-is he real? Is he a ghost(or a ghoul)? Is he the characters' consciences? Is he God?
      • Highlights the fault of the upper class:
        • Inspector Goole refuses to be intimidated by the Birlings' upper class status. He refuses to treat them differently.
          • Priestley uses him to show how shocked the Birlings are by this-this suggests that they expect special treatment purely because of their social class.
        • Inspector Goole knows most of the details of Eva Smith's story and the family's involvement before he asks them-this terrifies the Birlings'(who react aggressively)because they worked so hard to put up a perfect family image.
      • Acts like a teacher:
      • Authoritive:


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