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Bronze is usually made by
mixing copper with tin, although Copper has been used by people for thousands of years. Like pure iron,
small amounts of other elements pure copper is too soft to be very useful. Copper can be alloyed with tin to
can be added as well. E.g. We make bronze and with zinc to make brass. There are over 300 alloys of
can add phosphorus, this gives aluminium. Some alloys can `remember' their shape when they are heated
Copper, gold and aluminium the alloy properties which make after they have been bent - they are called smart alloys.
are all alloyed with other metals it ideal to be used for bearings
to make them more useful where we want very low friction
Smart alloys are also known as shape
memory alloys (SMAs). When they
are deformed (bent) into a different
shape and then heated, they automati-
The two main alloys of copper cally return back to their original shape
are; bronze and brass. Cop-
per alloys are more useful than
pure copper, as pure copper is We can control the properties of alloys
very soft by adding different quantities of
different elements
The Statue of Liberty in New York contains
over 80 tonnes of copper


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