Alloys in everyday use



-Copper is a soft, reddish colour metal 

-It conducts heat and electricity very well 

-Bronze is a mix of copper and tin usually with other small elements added e.g phosphorus which gives the alloy properties which make it idea to use for bearings where we want very low friction 

-Brass is made by alloying copper with zinc, it's much harder than copper 

-It can be hammered into sheet and bent into different shapes

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Gold and Aluminium

-Gold and aluminium are made harder by adding other elements

-Gold is usually alloyed with copper and silver when used fpr jewellery

-Aluminium has a low density and can be alloyed with a wide range of other elements which all have different properties. 

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Smart alloys

-If smart alloys are bent into a different shape, and then heated, they return to their original shape

-These alloys are called smart alloys or shape memory alloys

-They are used for thing such as braces (denstistry) and medicine 

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