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Psychological stress
management strategies.…read more

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Rational emotive behaviour
therapy (REBT)
Ellis suggested that activating events (A)
such as stressor, trigger beliefs (B) such
as about our ability to cope. If negative
then we feel we cannot cope (C) and
therefore become stressed.
E.g. Too much E.g. I cant get it Feelings of
homework. done. stress.…read more

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Ellis made a very good point from this ABC
model he suggested that if an individual
could control their beliefs then they
would be able to control their emotions
and then reduce their negative effects of
The ABC model is extended to include two
stages of REBT.....…read more

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D ­ Disrupting irrational beliefs.
· E ­ the Effects of this disruption......
There effects may be:
·Cognitive, changing irrational beliefs
to rational ones so that the individual
evaluates experiences constructively.
· Emotional, changing feeling from
negative to positive
· Behavioural, changing behaviour to
improve coping.…read more

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Positives weaknesses
Supported by Balevre, who found Effective only in short term.
that nurses who were perfectionist Ethical issues in the aggressive
and tend to create unrealistic nature of the challenges to
demands were more likely to individuals when under stress.
experience burn-out thoughts and
behaviours and would of benefited
from REBT to change unrealistic
expectations. So in some
situations REBT is effective.…read more

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