Alkali Metals Revision

Notes on Alkali Metals.

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Alkali Metals
The Alkali Metals form Group 1 of The Periodic Table
They include: lithium, sodium and potassium, which all react vigorously with air
and water.
The reactivity of the alkali metals increases down the group. Flame tests are
used to identify alkali metal ions in compounds.
Flame colour Ion present
Red Lithium (Li)
Orange Sodium (Na)
Lilac Potassium (K)
Potassium reacts more vigorously than sodium and lithium is the least
reactive as potassium is further down the group than lithium.
The flame colour indicates which alkali metal ion is present in the

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The reactions of Alkali Metals with water:
Sodium + Water Sodium Hydroxide + Hydrogen Gas
2Na + 2HO 2NaOH + H
Lithium + Water Lithium Hydroxide + Hydrogen Gas
2Li + 2H0 H + 2LiOH
Potassium + Water Potassium Hydroxide + Hydrogen Gas
2K + 2H0 H + 2KOH
Whenever an atom or ion loses electrons it's called oxidation.…read more

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The bigger the atom, the easier it is for the outer electron to be lost.
That is why the lower elements are more reactive. Rubidium and
caesium are even more reactive than potassium.…read more


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