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Brief look at some of the difficult elements of the chemistry 3 course - does not cover everything.

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Organic Chemistry

homologous series - functional group which contains part of a molecule that's always the same, e.g. alkanes.

Alkanes are saturated because each covalent bond in the molecule is a single bond.

Number of carbons

1 - meth-

2 - eth-

3 - prop-

4 - but-

5 - pent-

formula=CnH2n+2 e.g Methane=CH4

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  • Involves the reaction of a base (including alkalis) with an acid.
  • Produces salt and water.
  • An exothermic reaction.

Hydrogen + hydroxide=water

BASE includes all metal oxides and metal hydroxides. Insoluble bases are less reactive than soluble bases (alkalis) and a majority only react if acid is heated beforehand. Insoluble bases and acids react at room temperature.


metal oxide+acid=salt+water


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