Algebra: Expanding and Factorising (Quadratics included)

Hope this presentation helps with your maths! Remember, practice makes perfect, once you learn to grasp the idea of algebraic equations they will be the easiest thing you have ever done!

Good luck :)

ALSO, if anybody has any trouble with an area in GCSE Maths, feel free to leave a suggestion for revision resources :) 

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Math Revision
When expanding brackets you are
3 (2t + 6)) working out what it would equal by
getting rid of the brackets.
To get rid of the brackets you simply get rid of
3 (2t + 6)) the number or letter before the brackets
The way to get rid of it is by multiplying it out,
3 (2t + 6)) so you multiply what's outside the brackets by
3x2t= 6t what is inside the bracket
3 (2t + 6) Now that you have worked out what it Answer:
multiplies out to be, you simply put it back into
3x6= 18) an equation 6t+18…read more

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Math Revision
When factorising you are working
out how from an equation you get
x2 + 5x + 6) the answer. In other words you
doing the inverse to work out the
x2 + 5x + 6)
You first take a look at the numbers after x2
2 which are 5x and 6. You work out the factors
x multiplied by x = x of 6 which are
2x 3= 6 1 and 6
2 and 3
2x+3x= 5x ) You then analyze the factors in order to see
which two numbers add up to 5 which are 2
and 3.
After finding the numbers out, we
can easily put it into an equation. (x+2) (x+3)…read more

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Math Revision
When factorising this type of
question you are once again putting
6t+15=) it back into brackets. Putting the
answer back into a question
You find out the common factor between the two numbers in order to
work out the number its multiplied outside the brackets.
Factors of 6 Factors of 15
6, 1, 2, 3 3, 15, 5, 1
6t/ 3 = 2
The number that is present in both of them is 3
Now we know the number outside the brackets is 3
15/ 3 = 5 So we divide 6 and 15 by which is 2 and 5
2t and 5
) 3(2t + 5)…read more

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Math Revision
Factorising Quadratic
You expand the brackets in order to
x - 9x + 20 = 0 work out what x can equal
It is very easy to work out what x can be because when a
(x - 5) (x- 4)= 0 number is taken away by it self it equals 0.If unsure about
x= 5 or x= 4 what x can equal you can substitute the values for example
put in the number into the equation
For example: we put 5 into the equation because 5 -5 = 0
25- 45 = -20 x2 - 9x + 20 = 0
25- 45 + 20 = 0
25 is from x multiplied by x x being 5
-20 + 20= 0 45 is from x multiplied by 9
x= 5 or x= 4…read more


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