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Alcohol misuse is a major public health problem, placing a heavy burden on society, and
affecting a large number of individuals of all ages.
Contrary to what many people believe, alcohol is not a stimulant. It is a depressant. This is
why drinking too much often leads to impaired…

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Sexual difficulties such as impotence
Impaired judgement leading to accidents and injuries
Slowed breathing and heartbeat
Loss of consciousness
Suffocation through choking on your own vomit (aspiration)
Potentially fatal poisoning

Drinking heavily also increases your calorie intake, and it is frequently associated with
obesity. This in turn leads to…

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If you think you may be drinking above the sensible limits, you should try to take some steps
to reduce your consumption.
Some suggestions include:

Make a deliberate decision about how to avoid drinking too much when you are in a
potentially heavy drinking situation, either at home or when…


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