Alactic Energy System

Revision notes on the alactic energy system for A2 Physical Education, Exercise Physiology module

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Alactic Energy System
Adenosine TriPhosphate /PhosphoCreatine System
Site of Reaction ­ Sarcoplasm
Presence of O2 None
Fuel Used ­ Phosphocreatine
Active Enzyme ­ Creatine Kinase
Speed of Reaction ­ Very Fast
Threshold ­ 10 Seconds
Biproducts ­ None
Effects of Biproducts ­ None
Energy Yield ­ 1 Phosphocreatine / 1 ATP molecule
Enzyme Inhibited by ­ High levels of ATP
Enzyme Activated by ­ Increase in Adenosine DiPhosphate levels.
There are two reactions to resynthesise ATP, they are IMMEDIATW &
These two reactions are known as a COUPLED REACTION
PC P + C + Energy
Energy + ADP + P ATP
Practical Application
A 100 metre race would be a good example for the ATP/PC system
In the 100m race the body cannot maintain maximum speed for longer than 6
The runner may actually be slowing down in the later part of the race
In such activities the quantities of intromusclar phosphate (CP) may
significantly influence a performers ability to regenerate intense energy for
short durations
Quantities of intromuscular phosphate (CP) is linked to appropriate dietary
intake and specific aerobic training


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