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Athene encounters Odysseus looking for whoever slaughtered all the sheep
She asks him why he seems to be looking for Ajax and he explains
She explains that he is right Ajax did it and that he was planning to Kill Odysseus and the
Atreidae but she tricked…

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He tells his men that when Teucer comes they must tell him to see to things as he would have
wanted, he then leaves
The Chorus say how happy they are now
The Messenger comes and says that Teucer is back and that everyone was calling him the
traitors brother…

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Menelaus enters and orders Teucer not to lift the body and to just leave it where it lies
Menelaus gives his reason as being that Ajax tried to kill him so is an enemy, he says they
couldn't control him when he lived but now they must, so he must…


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