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Athene encounters Odysseus looking for whoever slaughtered all the sheep
She asks him why he seems to be looking for Ajax and he explains
She explains that he is right Ajax did it and that he was planning to Kill Odysseus and the
Atreidae but she tricked him into thinking that the sheep were them
She then calls Ajax out of the tent, but Odysseus tries to Persuade her not too
Athene says she will make Ajax not be able to see him
Ajax comes out covered in blood etc. and tells Athene that he has killed Agamemnon and
Menelaus and will torture Odysseus
He goes back in
Odysseus says that although Ajax was his enemy now he is sorry
Athene warns Odysseus of the dangers of pride and blasphemy
The Chorus come on and talk about the rumours about the sheep killing and say that Ajax must
come out from his tent so that he can protect his name
Tecmessa comes out from the tent and says that Ajax lies fallen and is mad
The Chorus ask her to tell them all about it
She starts to explain what happened and tells them that now he has come to his senses he is
depressed whereas when he was mad he was at least happy
She explains that he left and when she asked where he was going he told her she should stay
He comes back with the cattle and sheep
Then he went out to speak to someone and when he came back he slowly realised what he had
Now he is very depressed
Ajax cries out from within
He cries out for his son and his brother
Tecmessa opens the door to show Ajax sitting among the slaughtered cattle
He asks his men to kill him and the Chorus try to comfort him
He continues to weep and says he worries about what his father will think of him and how
shamed and hated he is by everyone
Tecmessa tells him that if he dies he will leave her and their child helpless and that his family
name will be shamed and is he willing to leave his father and mother lonely
Ajax asks where his son is and Tecmessa explains that she sent him away as she was worried
that Ajax in his madness might hurt him
They fetch Eurysaces and Ajax hugs him saying that he hopes no son of his is frightened by
blood, he wishes he will be more fortunate than him and says that after he has gone Teucer will
look after him
He also gives him a shield with his name on it but says that all his other weapons are to be
buried with him
He is shut back inside
The Chorus sing how his mother will mourn for him and wonder how his father will hear of what
has happened to him
Then Ajax comes out and makes his lying speech, he says he will go and cleanse himself so that
the goddess will forgive him, he also says that he will bury Hector's sword and he says that he
must remember that enemies may one day be his friends

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He tells his men that when Teucer comes they must tell him to see to things as he would have
wanted, he then leaves
The Chorus say how happy they are now
The Messenger comes and says that Teucer is back and that everyone was calling him the
traitors brother
He also, when he finds out that Ajax has left, says that Teucer said that Ajax should not be
allowed out of his tent
He explains Calchas' prophecy that if Teucer could make Ajax stay…read more

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Menelaus enters and orders Teucer not to lift the body and to just leave it where it lies
Menelaus gives his reason as being that Ajax tried to kill him so is an enemy, he says they
couldn't control him when he lived but now they must, so he must not be buried so they can
enforce law and order in the camp through fear
He says that if Teucer does try to bury Ajax he will be killed himself
The Chorus say that that…read more


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