Trojan Women - Summary

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Poseidon enters and talks about the destruction that has been brought down upon Troy
He blames the ruin on Athene
He also talks about the fate of the women of Troy and explains that Polyxena was sacrificed
at Achilles grave and that Cassandra will be given to Agamemnon
Athene comes on and she asks Poseidon to do her a favour she says she wants to give joy to
the Trojans and punish the Greeks
Poseidon asks why she changes her mind so quickly she explains that the Greeks
dishonoured her and her Temples
Poseidon knows of this, Ajax dragged off Cassandra by force and the Greeks did not punish
She asks Poseidon to make the seas all stormy as the Greeks sail back
He agrees to do this
Hecabe laments and talks about her grief due to losing her family and home, she mourns the
fall of Troy and blames Helen for it
The Chorus come on and ask Hecabe what she knows about what is going to happen to them
Hecabe thinks that they must be near to the drawing of lots and she wonders what will
happen to her, she focuses particularly of the disgrace of her future situation compared to
her having been Queen
The Chorus wonder where they will go and hope to never go to Sparta but they wish to go
to Athens
Talthybius, the herald, comes to give them news
He tells them that the lots have been drawn and they are not all going together Hecabe asks
him who is going with who but Talthybius says she must ask about each individually
First she asks about Cassandra and Talthybius explains that Agamemnon chose her
Next she asks about Polyxena but Talthybius won't explain clearly
She asks about Andromache who was selected by Achilles' son
Finally she asks what is to happen to herself and when she finds out she is going with
Odysseus she is very angry
Talthybius asks the guards with him to fetch Cassandra then he notices the fires from inside
and worries the Trojan women are trying to kill themselves but Hecabe explains that it's just
Cassandra comes in a seems to be singing in celebration of her marriage
Hecabe tries to calm her down
Cassandra tries to encourage her mother to celebrate her wedding saying that her wedding
will lead to the death of Agamemnon she prophesises the plot of the Orestia and argues that
the Trojans were more fortunate than the Greeks as they fought for their homeland and
were buried in their homeland by their families
The Chorus and Talthybius think that Cassandra is mad and Talthybius says that he would
never have fallen for someone like Cassandra
Cassandra says that Talthybius is wrong Hecabe won't go with Odysseus and talks about
what will happen to Odysseus
She also talks about her own death
Cassandra leaves and Hecabe falls to the ground
Her maids try to help her up but she refuses

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She talks about all the terrible things that have happened to her
The Chorus sing about the fall of Troy and the Trojan horse
Andromache comes with Astyanax
Hecabe and Andromache talk about why they are both sad
Andromache tells Hecabe that Polyxena is dead but says that her fate was kinder than hers
Hecabe tells Andromache that life is better than death
Andromache argues that death would be better than her future saying that she doesn't even
have hope
Hecabe encourages her to not…read more

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The Chorus and Hecabe lament and Hecabe gives Astyanax to some women to bury
Talthybius enters again and Odysseus' men come in to try and take Hecabe away
Hecabe and the Chorus sing a lament again and the city starts to crash around them
The Chorus says they must direct their steps to the ships…read more


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