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Poseidon enters and talks about the destruction that has been brought down upon Troy
He blames the ruin on Athene
He also talks about the fate of the women of Troy and explains that Polyxena was sacrificed
at Achilles grave and that Cassandra will be given…

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She talks about all the terrible things that have happened to her
The Chorus sing about the fall of Troy and the Trojan horse
Andromache comes with Astyanax
Hecabe and Andromache talk about why they are both sad
Andromache tells Hecabe that Polyxena is dead but says that her fate…

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The Chorus and Hecabe lament and Hecabe gives Astyanax to some women to bury
Talthybius enters again and Odysseus' men come in to try and take Hecabe away
Hecabe and the Chorus sing a lament again and the city starts to crash around them
The Chorus says they must direct…


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