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Utopian society is possible Some support free market capitalism
Reject parliamentary democracy as class Not all disagree on private property
oppression Authority-classical anarchists believe authority
Ruling class control parliament and is okay if accepted by the people in limited an
population though constitutionalism ad specific circumstances (Bakunin & Malatesta)
consent Individualism vs Collectivism: individuals don't
Reject hierarchy as humans are equal need security of a group, collective or social
They see an incompatibility between the power institutions as they are self-sufficient by nature
of the state and the freedom of the individual Individualist: Anarcho-capitalists believe in
Opposition to the state free market and so no need for collective
The state is unnatural
Collectivist: humans are essentially
No formal political parties co-operative beings and we need nurture
Political parties are a form of control from others. Individuals free from
Reject workers revolutionary state oppressive ideas and state intervention wi
spontaneously live and work together
Can be corrupted e.g. Stalin, Napoleon (mutualism, anarcho-communism,
All anarchists believe the individual is sovereign, anarcho-syndicalism)
rational and autonomous Peaceful overthrow of the state:
Humans beings are naturally co-operative Replace the state with workers
altruistic and moral associations (Pierre Proudhon,
Negative liberty is an external restraint and this Mutualism)
affects the basic principle of individual Get rid of private property which causes
sovereignty coercion an theft
Individuals should be allowed to make choices Possession: the right to possess that
for themselves which you have made through your own
Choose violent or peaceful means to utopia work
Reject religion and nationalism as they see it as Revolutionary overthrow of the state:
an artificial creation designed to rob people of Assassinations of elite to provoke a mass
their potential liberty uprising
Humans are born equal Anarcho-communists and syndicalists
believe in organised working class action
against ruling elite


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