LCW 'There is more that unites socialists than dividies them.' Dicuss 45 marker

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  • 'There is more that unit socialists than divides them.' Discuss (45marks)
    • Agree
      • There needs to be greater equality within society.
      • The power of big business, or capital, need to be significantly reduced.
      • The importance of class for analysing and changing society and that the working class, or majority, need to have a much greater say in how society is run.
      • A belief in community and the importance of collectivism.
    • Disagree
      • Fundamentalist socialists disagree over the means of achieving socials; and they differ from other reformists socialists on the end goal of socialism.
      • Fundamental socialism
        • Believe that radical change, or revolution, is the only practicable means of bringing about socialism; other socialists argue for incremental or gradual reforms.
        • Argue for the goal of abolishing capitalism and are in favour of common ownership; other socialists argue for a mixed economy with varying degrees of private ownership.


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