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Discuss the advantages of delegated legislation
One advantage of delegated legislation (DL) is that it is much quicker than going
through the several stages of parliamentary law making which can take approximately
one year. In this way, DL is effective in freeing up Parliament's time leaving them to deal
with other important matters.
DL is made by people with relevant expertise or possibly local knowledge who should
be better suited than MPs at making detailed legislation on specific issues. This could
include laws that are needed to deal with technical issues concerning medicine or
health and safety. Parliament is better suited to dealing with the broader issue (i.e.
creating the parent Act) and then allowing others to fill in the finer detail through DL.
DL allows for consultation with experts or those who might be affected by a new law.
This is important to ensure technical laws are appropriate and are likely to work. Some
Acts state that consultation must be made, e.g. changes to police powers in the Police
and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1984 must only be made following consultation.
Finally, DL is more flexible especially compared to Acts of Parliament as DL can be
introduced, amended or withdrawn quickly. Dealing with Acts of Parliament in this way
can be a very lengthy process, so DL makes the law more `up to date' and able to
respond quickly to changing circumstances.


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