Advantages of Delegated Legislation

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  • Advantages of DL
    • Need for Technical Expertise
      • MPs do not have all the specific knowledge required to draft up laws on various areas, as modern society has become complicated and technical.
      • DL gives expertise, so Parliament can debate the main principles thoroughly, allowing those with expert knowledge to fill in detail.
    • Allows Consultation
      • Consultation for important rules on technical matters ensures that regulations are technically workable.
    • Allow quick law making
      • The law making process takes a considerable amount of time.
      • Therefore, DL is needed, especially in times of emergency, as OiCs can be made quickly.
    • Easy to amend
      • DL can be amended or revoked easily when necessary, to keep the law up to date.
      • This useful for limits of the minimum wage or legal aid.
      • DL allows Ministers to respond to new or unforeseen situations by amending regulations, made through SIs


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