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What is delegated legislation?

When parliament passes on the power authority to make law to another person or body.

Why is delegated legislation needed?

  • Parliament looks specialist or technical knowledge
  • saves time
  • allows greater flexibility to ammend or revoke legislation
  • ministers have the benefit of further consultation

Advantages of Delegated Legislation

1. Time saving – Parliament doesn’t have the time to consider and debate every small detail. DL can be passed quickly to deal with emergency situations (more quickly than statues)

-2. Experts may be consulted when creating new DL because MP’s may not have the necessary expertise (e.g. local councils have more knowledge of the local area

3. Parliamentary Control – statutory instruments are subject to the affirmative/negative resolution or can be scrutinised, by-laws must be approved by




instead of calling it AS law called it delegated legislation that way more people will rate and comment on it



Hi i need help in as level paper 2 of law i hav exam next month but my teacher at school is not helping in paper 2 at all so plz any can help me i would be really thankful to him/her

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